Bitcoin B Silver Pack – 
$17.99 – 6 Hours Contract Guaranteed 0.0005 Bitcoin




********Important Please Read before Buying********

Bitcoin B Silver Mining Contract 6 Hours Bitcoin Guaranteed 0.0005 Bitcoin = $17.99 US

If you do not have a wallet then this contract will not work for you; however, you can go to and set up a wallet, then come back to us.

We will email your Bitcoin(s) earnings to your email address and this should go straight into your coinbase wallet.  Your account must have the email you give me to go to

Coin transfer is irreversible. We are not responsible if you provide us with your incorrect email address, so please provide correct info during checkout.

This is a service only; you will NOT receive any hardware!

Buyers with limited recent feedback and/or without Confirmed and Verified PayPal accounts may have orders cancelled or delayed until verification is complete.

Start Time:

  • This Mining contract will start in 2-24 hours after your funds clear and are verified in our PayPal account.  This mining contract is for 6 hours, you are guaranteed at least 0.0005 Bitcoin.
  • Refund? Due to the nature of this service, there will be no refunds given.
  • For any down time during your contract, you will be compensated accordingly.
  • Seller pays for all electricity.


This Bitcoin Mining Contract purchase is an electronically transferred and you will receive the purchased mined coins in your wallet.